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Adopt Art from The Swanky Blackbird

New in 2020 🖤

The Swanky Blackbird Artworks Adoption Plan was created as a way to make it easier for anyone to have unique canvas art in their home. 

I too, live on a budget and can relate with that lifestyle. My end goal with this is to make my canvas art available to those who are like myself, who want cool & fun things...but need just a minute to work it all out.

****The fine print {because I can’t NOT have fine print!}

•This plan is only available for canvas art, not Swanky furniture. Because furniture takes up space and space is money in my business! 

•I will consult with each person needing this option individually, and we’ll come up with what’s best for your budget. A contract will be made available after consultation. 

•Payments will be set-up via the Square invoicing system. It’s simple, and there are numerous payment options.

•This plan does NOT apply to any of my artworks that are currently hung in any local establishment.

•The artwork will not leave the studio until it has been has paid in full.

•The artwork is considered Sold after the first payment is made, and all payments are non-refundable.

I truly hopes this can be of help to my Swanky supporters 🖤 Please reach out to me directly and we can discuss what canvas pieces I currently have availible.